School Readiness: Three Practical Tips for Promoting Social Readiness


If you are planning on signing your child up for preschool, you should help them develop social skills. Often, parents focus on academic readiness and neglect the other elements of school readiness. You should note that social skills will help your young one to get along with other children and teachers. Kids with good social abilities will also be able to adapt to the school environment because they will understand simple issues like the importance of sharing, waiting and following rules.

22 January 2018

2 Things to Teach a New Nanny to Enable Easy Transition


The process of finding a nanny can be taxing; you'll be trying to merge your needs and the children's needs to the nanny's abilities and training, and do this with limited information (because some things become clearer after the nanny comes in) and within a limited timeframe. Once you find a nanny that's a good fit, the first few weeks are crucial in establishing a good relationship, and you have a big part to play in ensuring your new nanny is well inducted.

19 January 2018