How to Prepare Your Child for Entering Preschool


Enrolling your child in preschool can be very beneficial for him or her, as a preschool may teach a child about colours, numbers, letters, and other basics that will make kindergarten much easier on them. In preschool, a child will also learn how to get along with others and will learn how to take direction from someone other than their parents. While preschool offers many benefits, it can be a bit frightening for some children. Note a few suggestions that might help you and your family during this time so your child can transition to preschool more easily.

Leave your child with a babysitter 

One reason that it's often difficult for children to transition to preschool is that they may be accustomed to only being with mom and dad and may find being in the care of strangers a bit frightening. Leaving your child with a trusted babysitter a few times throughout the week can help to "wean" them away from their parents, so they don't find preschool care so intimidating. Choose a babysitter you trust, and drop the child at their house rather than having the babysitter come to your home, so your child gets accustomed to new surroundings as well as new caretakers.

Play preschool

Set up a room in your home like a preschool, with a mat on the floor, a chair for you, books, toys, and so on. Put on your coats and shoes and enter the room like you would enter the preschool, taking off your coats at the door. Have your child sit on the mat while you sit in the chair and read him or her a story. Have naptime in the room. Tell your child this is how it is in preschool, and then he or she will be more accustomed to the setting of their new school.

Don't hover or be negative

A child often picks up on the attitude of a parent, so if you act nervous about leaving a child at the school, they may get nervous as well. Be positive about preschool and talk about how much fun it will be for them. Once they are enrolled, you might stay for the first day, but it's good to not hover over your child, so that he or she can more readily adjust to the setting. You might even encourage them to make friends with other children or go and play when they would rather sit with you. This will help them to transition away from your care and company.


20 March 2018

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