How a day-care's sick child policy can help you determine if it is safe for your child


Child day care centres solve very serious child care issues for working people who have young families. When you choose a reputable and competent day care, you do not have to keep worrying about the health, emotional well-being and safety of your child when you are at work. On the other hand, careless choices in child day care centres often lead to complaints about bad experiences. One of the ways in which you can judge the level of importance a day care places on the well-being of the children left to them, is looking at their sick child policy.

Contagious disease control

The saddest thing about most of the communicable diseases is that they are most contagious a few days before the child starts showing obvious symptoms of infection, which means that your child may contract a disease even before the concerned parent or the centre knows it. However, a good day care advises parents to keep their children away if:

  • They have fever and irritability or lethargy.
  • They have symptoms of flu and other respiratory track illnesses.
  • They are persistently vomiting or have diarrhoea which cannot be contained by diapers.
  • Rashes whose origin is unknown on the child's skin.

By keeping these children away, and strictly insisting that the child be examined before they can resume the day care, your child is kept safe.

Personal hygiene policies

Most of the modern day care centres have become very reluctant when it comes to addressing certain lifestyle and dressing choices which affect personal hygiene. A good day care advocates for policies such as frequent hand washing. They should have ample availability of water on their premises and germicidal soap so that the children can wash up every time they get their hands messy. Sharing of food should also be discouraged and the staff should ensure children come in which clean clothes, neat hair and cleaned personal items such as school bags and personal toys if they are allowed.

Immunisation policy

 A good childcare should be concerned about your immunisation policy and how it could affect the other kids. Check whether they are asking whether your child has been properly immunised against all diseases. This will be an indication that it is a standard for all parents, and should assure you that your child will be safe.

These are some sick policies which will help you judge whether a day care is good for your child or not. Take time and get referrals to good child care centres. The health and well-being of your child depends on the centre you pick for them.


14 February 2018

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