2 benefits of enroling your child into a pre-kindergarten program


If you need to arrange childcare for your young son or daughter, it may be a good idea to enrol them in a pre-kindergarten program, rather than having them cared for by a childcare service. Carry on reading to learn about some of the benefits of this type of program.  1. It can make your child's days more productive If you hire a childminder to take care of your child at home, their days may be quite fun but are unlikely to be very productive.

17 October 2018

3 Benefits of Day Care for Your Child


For some families, day care is not optional, as all the adults in the home may need to work and, in turn, may need to send their child to a care facility of some sort. However, if you don't necessarily need someone to care for your child during the day, note some benefits of leaving your child at a day care facility anyway, even for just a few hours every day or every week.

26 March 2018

How to Prepare Your Child for Entering Preschool


Enrolling your child in preschool can be very beneficial for him or her, as a preschool may teach a child about colours, numbers, letters, and other basics that will make kindergarten much easier on them. In preschool, a child will also learn how to get along with others and will learn how to take direction from someone other than their parents. While preschool offers many benefits, it can be a bit frightening for some children.

20 March 2018

How a day-care's sick child policy can help you determine if it is safe for your child


Child day care centres solve very serious child care issues for working people who have young families. When you choose a reputable and competent day care, you do not have to keep worrying about the health, emotional well-being and safety of your child when you are at work. On the other hand, careless choices in child day care centres often lead to complaints about bad experiences. One of the ways in which you can judge the level of importance a day care places on the well-being of the children left to them, is looking at their sick child policy.

14 February 2018

What does your child really do at child care?


Parents approach child care with mixed emotions. On one hand, it's great to drop your little one off somewhere you can trust so that you can get on with work, study or any number of the important tasks that fill your day. If your child is old enough to have started school, these tasks don't stop just because the term has, and you may be looking into vacation care. But what exactly does your child do all day after you give them one last cuddle and head for the door?

5 February 2018

What Goes Into the Preparation of an Early Learning Centre Curriculum?


Early learning centres are the institutions where your child is likely to have their first major interactions with their peers and with formal learning experiences. These first days of education can form long lasting impressions on your child and define their interests and goals from an early stage. As a result, the curriculum of early learning centres plays a significant role in encouraging your child to think and explore. Early childhood curriculums are typically composed of the following key elements.

25 January 2018

5 Important Reasons to Consider Taking Your Child to a Day Care Centre


Many parents and guardians across Australia work hard to ensure their children enjoy a better life than they did. Unfortunately, busy work schedules sometimes prevents these caregivers from staying at home to spend time with their children and give them undivided attention.  If you are a single parent and you need someone to take care of your little one while you are at work, you've probably contemplated approaching a day care centre for help.

24 January 2018

School Readiness: Three Practical Tips for Promoting Social Readiness


If you are planning on signing your child up for preschool, you should help them develop social skills. Often, parents focus on academic readiness and neglect the other elements of school readiness. You should note that social skills will help your young one to get along with other children and teachers. Kids with good social abilities will also be able to adapt to the school environment because they will understand simple issues like the importance of sharing, waiting and following rules.

22 January 2018

2 Things to Teach a New Nanny to Enable Easy Transition


The process of finding a nanny can be taxing; you'll be trying to merge your needs and the children's needs to the nanny's abilities and training, and do this with limited information (because some things become clearer after the nanny comes in) and within a limited timeframe. Once you find a nanny that's a good fit, the first few weeks are crucial in establishing a good relationship, and you have a big part to play in ensuring your new nanny is well inducted.

19 January 2018