Learning Goals in Early Education


Child care centres offer more than just a care option for your child. These centres also offer early childhood education opportunities for your child. You may know there are certain learning goals for each child depending on their age. What you may not know are the subjects the teachers cover. Here are some of the learning goals and subjects your child may encounter at their child care centre. 

Speech and Communication

Speech and communication are vital to how children learn and interact with others. If they have noticeable speech issues, such as mispronouncing certain letters, the centre can help. Speech therapy may be an option to help with pronunciation and communication. The communication portions of the day help socialize your child to speaking with other children as well as to teachers. If your child is having issues with social communication, this aspect of daily life can become a goal to work towards. 

Sorting Items

You may not think of sorting items as part of early childhood education. Sorting colors, numbers, and objects can teach children several building blocks of various subjects. For example, sorting colors can help with art and with basic identification. Sorting numbers can help with basic math and counting skills. Sorting shapes helps in all aspects of learning and can be used in multiple teaching methods. Many teachers choose to use sorting games to help children enhance these subjects and learning. The sorting games usually present in a way that makes children focus on the game aspects of learning rather than the educational aspects. It keeps the children engaged and helps them commit the learning objectives to memory.

Alphabet and Phonics

Working on the alphabet helps children in several aspects of communication, reading, and even writing. As children learn the alphabet, they are using their memory skills. They are working on learning, commiting a task to memory and recalling that memory. The alphabet also leads children to pronunciation and phonics skills. These skills are used later in reading, spelling, and writing. By understanding the phonics of the alphabet, children can work through harder words on their own. This helps commit it to memory easier. 

Some children are advanced in certain subject areas, even at a young age. There are also some subjects they may not be as advanced in. For this reason, consider finding a child care centre that develops personal learning goals for each child. This will ensure your child is receiving the care they need along with the early childhood education focus they need as well. 

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7 September 2022

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